Does your organizations require an RFP (Request for Proposal) as a first step in a procurement process?  Do you have the staff resources and time to compile such an extensive document?

Double Eagle Consulting will create a comprehensive RFP/RFI/RFQ document for your organization that becomes the project’s baseline.  Together, we will define your objectives and requirements in a structured format to suppliers who we believe can provide be best solutions to your business needs.

Our proven five-step process:

ASSESSMENT. Development of an RFP begins with an in-depth needs assessment that will help define the projects objectives, current system deficiencies and functional needs to be addressed by a new solution. Double Eagle will also identify and incorporate any current industry standards, methodologies developed by national organizations, standards-making bodies, and other related entities.  In collaboration with your team, we will develop a list of must-have features and functions necessary to operate, deploy and maintain and deliver an effective forward-looking solution.

SPECIFICATION DEVELOPMENT. Double Eagle will create a detailed list of technical specifications to support the RFP.  This requires vendors to provide a detailed valuation of criteria met. The inclusion of technical specifications also increases the control during negotiations and implementation.

ISSUING THE RFP.  For entities that have a list of rules regarding how procurement documents are published, Double Eagle Consulting will ensure these processes and rules are adhered to. The publishing strategy will require vendors to select specific responses and includes a compliance matrix and detailed pricing sheet; this enables our clients a comprehensive side-by-side comparative analysis.

RESPONSE EVALUATION.  Double Eagle Consulting will work with you to ensure a smooth evaluation process; we will identify and assemble a team of evaluators before responses are received. The team should be made up of stakeholders who each bring a specific expertise to the group.  Together, we will develop a standardized scoring worksheet to facilitate evaluator discussions and consensus building.

SELECTION. Once the evaluation team has agreed on a solution, we will announce the selection by notifying all vendors who responded to the call for RFP.  The final stage to complete a successful procurement is to ensure a contract is negotiated.  Attention to detail during negotiations is critical—remember, if it is not in writing, it is not contractually enforceable.