A vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer) offers all the benefits of an in-house full-time CIO, but with much more flexibility.

If you cannot afford the headcount of a full-time CIO, are in the process of transitioning that position, or making structural changes to the C-Suite; then a vCIO is your perfect solution.

Imagine having the flexibility to have your vCIO working onsite, remotely or a combination. Imagine being able to structure the contract terms that are most favorable to your organization in terms of duration of contract and hours per week. Flexibility and cost savings are just the beginning.

Double Eagle Consulting will assess and formulate an IT strategy suitable to the conditions surrounding your specific business requirements, align the organizations goals and intended objectives to a strategic technology plan and roadmap. At Double Eagle Consulting, we are dedicated to finding ways to grow your business through innovation and technology-driven improvements. By aligning both your business and the technology landscape, our vCIO’s will ensure you are optimizing your investments while reducing your risk profile.

Benefits of a vCIO

  • Limited engagement – you define the arrangements
  • Reduce full-time headcount, salary and benefits for an executive level resource when only a part-time resource/expertise is required and affordable
  • Report findings and make recommendations without biasness
  • Impartial evaluation of current team skills and organizational alignment
  • Deliver cost optimization and productivity improvement recommendations; sets a predictable technology budget
  • Provides guidance on regulatory and compliance, including disaster recovery and business continuity to reduce risk profile
  • Provides guidance to determine and rank strategic priorities and key initiatives
  • Applies industry change management methodology to drive transformation

What sets us apart

Our experienced consultants have held the position of a CIO previously, thus bringing direct experience as technology executives and accomplished consultants.  Not only do Double Eagle Consultants have in-depth knowledge of technology and business processes, but also bring skilled and vetted subject matter experts to the table.  We will perform a methodical comprehensive assessment to ensure we identify and reduce risk, optimize assets (human and financial), leverage technological growth, and create stability.